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Park Rules and Guidelines

Guidelines for your stay.

Guidelines for your stay at Black Hawk Creek RV Park & Cabins

            The following guidelines have been established to maximize the enjoyment of all of our guest. Nothing can put the kibosh on a fun camping trip faster than sharing your outing with obnoxious neighbors. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking advantage of the amenities at a private family campground, or are up in the woods in your favorite national park – most of the same simple rules apply. Any guest who cannot follow these guidelines and maintain a respectful attitude towards fellow campers and park staff maybe asked to leave the park immediately without refund. Please contact management with any concerns immediately.

We withhold the right to refuse service to any RV. If your RV is more than 15 years old. Preapproval by management is required before your stay. Please email us a picture for approval.

Rude behavior is unacceptable.

            Illegal or offensive actions will not be tolerated. It is discouraged to consume alcohol in public spaces. South Dakota state law for consumption of alcoholic beverages is 21 years of age. Loud behavior that disrupts the enjoyment of other guest will not be tolerated no matter the source. Foul language and threating or intimidating behavior will result in immediate dismissal from the park.

Check out time is 11am.

            Any violations that result in delayed check in for guest will result in a $50 per hour charge.

Check in time for RV is 2pm and for Cabins check in is 3pm.

Call the office to inquire about early or late check ins. If we can accommodate your request a $5 convince fee will be charged.

Sites are limited to one RV and two vehicles each.

            All RVs and vehicles must be in good condition. RVs should either be RVIA or ANSI certified on ensure the safety of all of our guest. Tarps cannot be used for weatherproofing. All hoses and wiring should be positioned through manufacture supplied ports and clear of walkways.

Fireworks and Firearms are prohibited at Black Hawk Creek RV Park.

Quite Hours are from 10pm until 6am.

We start quiet time at 10 p.m. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a late-night. Just be sure it doesn’t come along with screaming kids, loud laughter and your tunes. Some of your fellow campers have to get up early and hit the road. Generators are not

permitted unless you are dry camping and are not allowed to be used during Quite Hours please be respectful of your generator use.





Respect your campsite.


Do not alter the electrical, water, or sewer connections at your site. All campsites should be kept clean free of clutter and fire hazards. Do not dig trenches or hang clotheslines or hammock from trees without the OK of the campground owner, only use the designated fire pit. Trash left on the site after check out will result in a fee of $15 per bag collected from your site. Any damages to the park will be charged to the guest.


Respect other campers’ space.

A campsite is just like your home’s yard. Don’t walk through others’ camping space, and coach your kids to do the same.

Guest are responsible for their children.

All children under the age of 12 must be escorted by an adult over the age of 18 at all times.

Don’t leave food out.

It isn’t just cute little squirrels that will enjoy your leftovers. Other, less desirable visitors will also indulge. Once they get a free meal, they’ll be back. “Nothing messes up a site faster than an animal in a bag of food.”

Late arrivals need to be considerate.

If you show up after dark, try your best to keep noise and lights to a minimum. Also be careful where you park your vehicles when you arrive, so you don’t block others’ access. “At least check to be sure your vehicle lights are on low beam.”

Keep it slow.

Campgrounds are typically full of kids on bikes and folks walking dogs. Be sure to keep to the slow posted speed limit. It will help keep the dust down, too.

Smokers, watch your butts and dispose of them properly.


Cigarettes aren’t campfires. Be considerate of your fellow campers downwind, and be sure to pick up your butts and put them in designated receptacles.


FIRES are NOT permitted unless authorized. IF AUTHORIZED use ONLY Local fire wood.

Leave wood at home. Transporting your own wood can spread insects and disease and could threaten an entire local forest. When and if open fires are allowed, we will have firewood for sale. Use it. Also be aware of and respect local fire bans, and NEVER take wood from standing trees. 

Put the fire out.


When going to bed, be sure your fire is out and not smoldering. And don’t use the fire pit as a garbage can.


Take care of your pets.


Only dogs and cats are allowed as pets at the park. Please have a copy of your pets’ vaccinations available upon request. We require all dogs to be on a leash at all times (maximum of 6 feet). Pets may not be left tied or unattended at any point. Owners need to clean up after their pets throughout the campground, and control excessive barking. Guest are responsible for any damages created by their pets. The park is not responsible for any damages created by a guest pet.  A maximum of 2 pets per site is allowed. If your pets waste is not cleaned from the site a $10 fee will be assessed.


Do your sewer connection right.


Make sure your RV sewer connection is secure, and there are no torn hoses. Remember, your connection likely faces your neighbor’s site.


Dispose of wastewater properly.


Dump your dishwater away from faucet water sources and in a designated place. Use biodegradable soap. 


Be polite, early risers.


If you’re leaving early, pack up what you can the night before so you can just hook-up and go, without a lot of slamming compartment doors. And for diesel RVers, don’t rev the engine on your way out.


The golden rule still works.


It’s still as simple as treat other campsites the way you want your campsite treated. If you’re an experienced camper, help those less experienced when you can. It will add to the enjoyment for both parties, and you’ll experience one of the best things about camping.



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